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I went to my first concert two nights ago, with four bands. A replacement band who I never really caught the name of, Costellar, Woodbridge, and then Midwest skies. 
This picture is of cody who does piano and vocals in costellar, but he didn’t need the piano for this part of the show so they took it off the stage. 
The fact that a lot of the people where singing along and enjoying themselves was the best, and I just can’t believe the energy that went into this concert, This isn’t the prettiest picture but i was to happy and exited to even take that many. I wanted to get right back into that small crowd of people and just enjoy my night at my first concert. I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of woodbridge because i Was so into their music and singing along and just jumping, I ended up denting a bone in my leg by falling onto one of the speakers. I can’t even walk now. But it was the best ok bye
I feel really bad i had to leave early and i couldn’t see midwest skies, :c

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    Apart from me looking 12 years old/ possessed on stage, holy shit. It means so much to me that the show touched you guys...
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